SalesCon Ltd. was established at year 2000 to supply consumables, tools, spare parts and equipments for the electronics industry.

Following you can find the main range of products:

We started to run new business unit as well, where we buy insertion and other machines and give them rent.

We already have the followings



Machines Man. Serial No. Model No. Status Peripheral eq.
1 JW (5) Pan 2860102759 NM-2034 OK Loader, unloader
2 JW (6) Pan 80600351 NM-2034 PLC card: eprom missing Loader, unloader
3 JW (7) Pan 2860805059 NM-2034 OK Loader, unloader
4 EY (1) Panasert Pan 10700358 NM-2209 OK Loader, unloader
5 EY (2) Sony SONY #015 SI-C10 OK Loader, unloader
6 EY (3) Panasert SONY #020 SI-C10 OK Loader, unloader
7 EY (4) Panasert SONY #026 SI-C10 no good (electrical problem) Loader, unloader
8 EY (5) Panasert Pan 10300258 NM-2209 OK Loader, unloader
9 AE (AX1) Pan 70501053 NM-2024 OK  
10 AVB (AX2) Pan 10701563 NM-2011B OK Loader, unloader
11 AE (AX6) Pan 22983-12 NM-2024 OK Loader, 2x unloader
12 AVB (AX7) Pan 90600158 NM-2011B OK Unloader
13 AE (not ins.) Pan 2860824759 NM-2024 not install/need to check  
14 AVB (not ins.) Pan 90800558 NM-2011B not install/need to check  
15 AVB (AX4) Pan 00500158 NM-2011B OK Unloader
16 AE (AX5) Pan 2850518459 NM-2024 OK  
17 RH (RD1) Pan 00400361 NM-8204B OK Unloader
18 RH (RD13) Pan 00200861 NM-8204 OK Unloader
19 RH (not ins.) Pan 90600461 NM-8201 N531CF10, X005329 1-1 missing Loader, unloader
20 RH (RD13) Pan 2860915800 NM-8201B not install/need to check Loader
21 RH III (not ins.) Pan 76R03461 NM-8824C not install/need to check Loader, unloader
22 HDP2C (not ins.) Pan 30700251 NM-2660C not install/need to check Inverter
23 HDP3 (not ins.) Pan 64D02051 NM-2866 SOLD Loader, unloader
24 REF-A oven Pan 90800159 NM-2633C OK Unloader, Turn over
25 REF oven (not ins.) Pan 71100152 NM-2338 from the last zone the heating wire missing Unloader, Turn over
26 MV Pan 00600861 NM-2555A Working only manually Loader
27 ICT Point 70 MB TESCON        
28 ICT Point 70 MB TESCON        
29 ICT Point 70 MB TESCON        
30 ICT Point 70 MB TESCON        
31 ICT Point 70 MB TESCON        
32 ECONOPACK 1 Electrov.     Lead free  
33 Manual line TESCON     3x3 m 1x5m  

We buy and sell used machines, feeders and other equipments. Also buy and sell spare parts or put in our date base for sale. In case you need more details about our products please feel free to contact us and we can supply you more information, samples and can visit you. Most of the products we keep on stock and offer scheduled shipments to our costumers. I hope that you can find some interesting items in our range and can serve you/ increase the connection with your company.

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